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10 Surprising Facts About Orgasms You Want to Know

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Hey, sexy- yea, you. Guess what? We are about to unveil a powerful pleasurable sexual feeling, that is organisms -Female orgasm to be precise.

Why orgasm? Orgasm is one vital health situation every woman should take seriously. No doubt, the erotic experience is always characterized by a lot of pleasures when you reach the climax however, this may not be possible if you don’t know what female orgasm utterly entails. You must know that there is more to these sexual responses; from pleasure to satisfaction (climax).

Now, read further to unveil the known and unknown facts about female orgasm. This piece fortifies you with the pros and cons of orgasm to let you have that satisfying experience in your subsequent sexual moments.

1. Orgasms are a powerful pain reliever

Sickness such as headache may require laying your back on a couch or bed, but this doesn't translate to turning it to a deep sleep section. According to Lisa Stern, R.N., a nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles attests that Orgasms are proven antidotes for health issues like headaches, arthritis, surgical pains, childbirth pains, and other health conditions.

She explains that when a woman reaches a climax during sexual responses, the body releases a chemical substance known as oxytocin, which is responsible for various body reactions such as bonding, relaxation other positive body reactions.

Stern says even sexual thoughts abolish pain permanently in the body faster than pain relief that works for about 8 to 10 minutes max.  Sex dreams, anyone?

2. Wearing protection such as condoms doesn't slow down orgasm.

    Many people have this notion that sexual experience without condoms feels better than with condoms; so, wearing condoms during intercourse will affect their orgasm; however, this assumption is untrue. 

    According to Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., a research scientist at Indiana University and brain behind the book, "Because It Feels Good", just as men, women also reach climax during the sexual experience; with or without wearing condoms.

    Quick one, condoms can make you have a long and enjoyable sex time with your sex mate as the man doesn't think of pulling out when he feels he's about to "cum"; however, if he doesn't enjoy the groove when he wears a condom, then engage manual or oral stimulation prior sexual intercourse as an alternative route.

    3. Orgasm in women can be a big deal.

      Are you a woman who’s got issues with climaxing? Don't get disturbed, a couple of women have the same issue. A recent study shows that close to 40% of women were unable to reach climax during their sexual experiences. One seamless and faster way to get it fixed through stimulation of the clitoris, Stern affirms.   

      This could also be medically treated. And it would be a one-stop solution place for women who are victims of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) to get relevant testosterone therapies as well as helpful oral medications. Sadly, the medical evidence around has not categorically spelled out the treatment yet which makes it pertinent for scientists and researchers not to relent in their pursuit of finding a permanent solution.   

      As it is now, it is advisable for anyone with related health issues to visit a medical practitioner because FSD can always be traceable to other health issues with the likes of thyroid disease, depression, and diabetes.

      4. Get familiar with your erogenous spot

        Knowing your G-spot has been one part of female genitalia sex connoisseurs have been preaching on for decades now. It is believed that this vital area houses about 8,000 nerve endings which exclusively helps women derive pleasurable experience when climaxing. However, this topic continues to bring controversies whenever it pops up: researchers in England believed that this doesn’t exist while researchers in Italy affirms the discovery of the spots on various women through ultrasound. 

        Despite the differences in affirmation, a Los-Angeles based sex educator, Ava Cadell backed the existence of G-spot and urge all women to dutifully discover the part of their body that houses it. According to her, not all women have it in the same place; however, it is mostly found inside the vagina with a coarse texture.  

        5. As higher the age, the better the orgasm

          As we get older, we tend to panic over some health challenges; however, sex life is not part of them. What you discover as you grow older is an improvement in the quality and frequency of your orgasm, according to Dr. Herbenick.

          According to a survey carried out recently, about 61% of women between the ages of 18 to 24 reached a climax when they had sexual intercourse, which also encompasses 65% of women in their 30s and up to 70% of women within the ages of 50 and 60 years.

          Dr. Herbenick affirms that the indicator used during the survey didn’t specify the reason climaxing gets better with women ages; it could also be traced to an increase in the older women-years of sexual experience.  They can build their sexual confidence over the years and not intimated to make any pleasant sexual, emotional or kama-sutra request when the need arises.

          The level of trust, as well as the degree of intimacy especially in a long term relationship, also contributes hugely to how women relax and enjoy the sex groove to orgasm.

          6. Spice up your sex life

            When you notice climaxing during sexual intercourse has become a nightmare; then, spicing things up could bring a significant difference. According to Dr. Herbenick, women are vulnerable to climaxing when they engage in a variety of sex acts compared to a streamlined sex routine.   

            Take, for instance, combining different sex types like going down, eating up or blow job and vagina sex have the likelihood of making a woman experience orgasm during intercourse than engaging in just one type. Mind you, there are other ways to reach orgasm besides intercourse – some prefer having sex using sex toys, with their partners or alone.

            7. Self-esteem counts.

              Research shows that the personality a woman sees in herself –which includes her genitalia – determines the quality of her orgasm. Stern who is a renowned women’s health clinician recalls that no two vaginas look the same, and she is yet to see a vagina that looks perfect.

              She made it clear that in as much as you do not have pains, abnormal discharge, sores or other medical issues, you are go-to-good.

              To build your confidence (which translates to be the potential your orgasm has), always be optimistic when dealing with yourself physically and mentally especially when it comes to your body.  How do you achieve this? Stand in front of a mirror, behold that stunning features you’ve got, speak and spark up the light in you.

              Another hack: get a hand mirror, and peep through to see what’s going on downstairs. When you know yourself to the brim, you are a step ahead to get the confidence that keeps you on track anytime, any day.

              8. Climaxing may take up to 20 minutes or more.

                It takes more time for many women to “cum” than their male partners, there is no offense in this, Stern affirms. 

                Factually, 20 minutes of intense sexual activity is what it takes to experience orgasm.   

                When you discover your partner reaches climax before you do, you can always apply some tactics to delay the process; this includes mounting pressure around the base of the penis, she proffers. If the problem has to do with premature ejaculation, you should see a primary care doctor or urologist for help on the best steps to take to deal with it.

                9. You can experience orgasm without genital stimulation

                  We have heard of different scenarios where women experience orgasm even without conscious sexual activity. Though sounds strange, it happens, professionals say such is possible. Stern knows a woman who reaches climax every time she workouts on a treadmill.  The reason some women reach climax without external sexual stimulus during certain activities can be traced to two instances- when the rate at which blood flow to the genitals is on the high side and when they observe an impulse or a touch on the clitoris, Stern acclaims. Tragically, this fact occurs in rare cases, she added. So, if you haven't experienced this, it may never come in due time.

                  10. You don't need to fake orgasm.

                    The shocking revelation according to a recent study says 80% of sexually active women fake orgasm at some point or the other.

                    It has to stop because faking it is holds no benefit to either of the partner. It simply means that your partner doesn’t appropriately read and translates your sexual languages. Hence, make you round out the sack session without satisfaction.

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