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Yes! LOVA is especially suitable for women that have trouble reaching orgasm or never orgasm at all. 99% of women that have used LOVA had an orgasm in 5 minutes or less! How is that possible? LOVA uses AIR BLISS™ pulsation technology that works differently to regular vibrators. It stimulates the clitoris without ever actually touching it, avoiding any habituation or over stimulation. Expect a new levels of mind blowing orgasms.
A pulsation vibrator will gently caress your clitoris in a sensual pulsating motion, it will emulate the best oral sex you have ever received in your life and provides a whole new form of stimulation that can penetrate deeply into your clitoris, stimulating you both internally and externally. A vibrator will provide vibrations to the external clitoris. They both impact the clitoris in different ways. We strongly recommend trying a new pulsation vibrator if you have only had regular vibrators in the past.
LOVA works differently to normal vibrators. Its AIR BLISS pressure wave technology stimulates the clitoris without ever actually touching it. Hence causing no overstimulation or habituation of any kind. You can use it as often as you like (and we bet you will like it a lot!).
LOVA is incredibly easy to use!
Step 1: Simply hold the power on button.
Step 2: Place the head over your clitoris, positioning your clitoris inside.
Step 3: Lay back and enjoy orgasmic bliss.
Yes! LOVA can easily be used during intercourse. It is small in size and the head can easily fit over the clitoris without interrupting penetration. This makes it fantastic for couples play. If you’re a guy thinking of picking up one of these for your partner we would definitely recommend it (especially if you always finish first).
We wouldn’t advise sharing sex toys between friends, it can lead to hygiene issues and some STI’s can even be spread through sharing of sex toys. It’s often better to just keep one toy per person.
Our toys should be stored in a cool dark place, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time or extreme temperatures. Usually a bedside drawer does the trick.
If you plan on using lubricant with your LOVA. Please note that you should only use water based lubricant with any silicon based toys as silicone based lubricant can damage the material of your toy.
If you have any additional questions please visit our FAQ section here.

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